Accessibility Consulting

Posted on June 4, 2013

I’ve been doing a lot of speaking over the last few months on the topic of accessibility in mobile software. ((For the benefit of non-developers, “accessibility” in the context of software refers to making software as usable as possible for people with disabilities, usually physical disabilities.)) The part that I enjoy most about these speaking engagements is the opportunity it gives me to talk to other mobile developers and designers after my presentation is over. In these conversations, I’ve noticed a few recurring themes. Over and over I hear developers lament, “I wish I had the time to do accessibility right!” or, “I know accessibility is important, but it seems too complicated.” To address these problems, I’m happy to announce that we are now offering accessibility consulting through Leaf Hut Software. Specifically, we now offer accessibility reviews and accessibility training for developers, designers, and their teams.

If you have an app and want to ensure that it is as usable as possible by people with disabilities, but lack the time or experience to properly implement accessibility, Leaf Hut Software is happy to help. We can review your app and provide a detailed list of what you’re doing right as well as specific suggestions that would improve the accessibility of your app for those with visual, motor, and other disabilities. For teams that require it, we also offer development services to implement the suggestions that arise through the review process.

If your team lacks experience with designing accessibility into mobile software and wants to learn more, Leaf Hut Software can help with that too. Courses are available to train your team in applying Universal Design to mobile software, and in implementing VoiceOver in iOS apps. Training can be customized to suit your team’s current level of experience, and can be tailored to suit teams of developers, designers, or mixed teams. Don’t let a lack of knowledge be the thing that holds you back from creating world-class apps.

Mobile software has proven to be a liberating and empowering technology that’s opened doors of opportunity for people with disabilities, and I believe strongly that accessible software should be made as available as possible to the people who need it. Let Leaf Hut Software help you put your apps in the hands of everyone who needs them. For more information about our accessibility consulting services, please see our consulting page. To inquire further about our services, you can contact us by email.