Alt Alt Dub Dub – Friday

Posted on June 6, 2014

The Alt Alt Dub Dub schedule for Friday, June 6 is below. If you’d like to join us in the Parc 55, please contact Charles Perry by email at or on Twitter at @DazeEnd. In order to offset the cost of renting the room and equipment, there will be a $25 per day charge for admission. Sessions are already showing, so come on over.

9 AM 409: Introduction to LLDB and the Swift REPL
10 AM 406: Integrating Swift with Objective-C
11 AM 404: Advanced Swift
Noon Lunch Break
1 PM 226: What’s New in Table and Collection Views
2 PM 223: Prototyping: Fake It Till You Make It
3 PM 304: Creating Great App Previews
4 PM 411: What’s New in Interface Builder