Metakite Software

Posted on November 24, 2013

Today we’re announcing that Leaf Hut Software is changing its name to Metakite Software. This change wasn’t made by choice, but because another company asserted their trademark over the word “leaf.” Although we maintain that our use of Leaf Hut Software did not infringe upon their trademark, it was decided that changing our name to Metakite Software was the quickest way to put this distraction behind us.

So what does this mean for all of our customers? Not much, honestly. If you use Benjamin, Action Lists, or Listmaker on your iOS device, your apps will continue to work just as they have in the past. The company has not changed hands, and you can continue to expect the same great support that you’ve received in the past.

The only change that our existing customers will probably notice is that the addresses that you use to contact us will be changing. Effective immediately, Metakite Software will be changing to the new domain That means you can get documentation and check out our other products at, and you can get email support by contacting If you have a non-support question or comment, you can reach our general email box at All of the old addresses will be forwarded to their new counterparts, so you’ll have ample opportunity to change your bookmarks and address book.

This episode has been a big distraction over the last few months, and frankly, it’s delayed a lot of improvements that we’ve been wanting to incorporate into our apps. But now that this is behind us, we hope to accelerate our efforts. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for choosing our products.