July 2010

Being an independent iPhone developer is Learned great, but it comes with some limitations that larger software shops aren’t as constrained by. In particular, time is a resource that is always in short supply. I’m the developer, designer, and support line for Daze End Software, and unfortunately, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get done everything that I’d like to do. So it’s nice that there’s a supportive community of indie cheap nfl jerseys iPhone developers that I can lean on. These guys are great. They offer a sympathetic ear when things go wrong, they offer advice when I Arrived!!! need guidance, and occasionally they save me several hours wholesale nba jerseys of work.

Such was the situation that I encountered recently with the release of iOS 4 for the iPhone. I received a bug report from a customer that I just could not reproduce. (And as all developers know, if you is can’t reproduce a bug, it’s awful hard to fix the bug.) As it turns out, the reason I cheap jerseys couldn’t reproduce the bug is отпуска: because I was in the wrong timezone. How did I figure that une out? Because the community of iPhone developers is awesome and generous with their time.

A Google search wholesale nfl jerseys turned up one lonely description of a problem in another developer’s app which sounded similar to the bug that had been reported in mine. I’d never met this developer before (either in real life, or online), but I took a chance and emailed him anyway. This developer, Greg, took the time to respond to my out-of-the-blue email with a detailed description of the root cause of the problem and the wholesale mlb jerseys steps needed in order to reproduce it. He saved me hours of time in debugging — hours that All I would much rather spend Schuldenbereinigung creating new features than debugging old ones.

So what’s the point of this post? It’s really just an excuse to give a shout out to Greg at More Mobile Software who took the time to help out a fellow developer. Thanks Greg! And thanks also to all the other iPhone developers out there that are helpful, supportive, and generally make iPhone development an enjoyable pursuit.

Posted on July 4, 2010

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